Sunday, August 16, 2009


This experience has been quite a bit different from the first two episodes. The previous diagnoses were followed with immediate hospitalizations that lasted one month the first time, two months with the relaspse. Then months of return trips to the hospital. There was a daily confrontation with the disease for all of us.

This time around, while perhaps more serious, our daily life has remained fairly normal. Jeff has been able to return to work part-time which means there has been little upset in our kids' routine. We are enjoying Jeff's days off which resulted from his being unable to operate until his vision clears.

One of Jeff's collegues wisely advised that no matter the outcome, we could never get this summer back so he should make the most of it. No sense dwelling on uncertainty or moping around the house. Aside from the headaches, Jeff is fairly healthy. So we determined to use his extra days as opportunities to make memories with our kids.


This past week was our last chance to plan some activities before chemo this Thursday and then school starting the next week. We took the kids hiking and rafting in a nearby state park on Wednesday and Thursday. And we spent yesterday at the beach with some dear friends.

We are determined to find the blessings--to focus on the good, to celebrate the joy. We have so much to praise the Lord for even in the face of cancer.


Plattner Ranch said...

I never have any new thoughts to share, just thanks for the godly example and I am still praying for you daily.

deejbrown said...

Thank you for sharing this brief moment in your lives. Please know prayers are flowing...