Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful Ending to a Good Day

Hello, all.  We had a good, albeit long, day at the Cleveland Clinic yesterday.  Traffic was not too heavy in the morning, which is a huge blessing.  That drive really stresses me out sometimes.  The lab was running on-time, so Jeff got right in for his blood-work.  The tests showed that his blood is still 100% donor, and that means his marrow remains unaffected by this recurrence in the brain.  That is great news.

We met with Jeff’s oncologist then, who explained the treatment plan.  At first he said he was still uncertain how many treatments Jeff would need.  This was because they’ve never caught this type of recurrence before the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) contained blasts.  (The spinal tap from July was clear.)  Typically, there is a treatment regimen to clear the CSF of blasts, then the spinal chemo once a month for 12 months.  As he was explaining this to us, he decided to go ahead and treat Jeff aggressively.  He won’t need a treatment regimen to clear the fluid since it is already clear, but he will receive the monthly chemo for 12 months.  Since he had one injection pro-actively at the time of diagnosis in July, and one yesterday, he has 10 more to go.

We had quite a bit of time to wait between that appointment and the procedure time, so we walked over to the main hospital to have lunch.  Au Bon Pain is one of the redeeming points of having to spend a day at the Cleveland Clinic.  :)

Then we headed down to radiology where Jeff’s spinal chemo would be administered.  There were some delays with getting the drug mixed and delivered, but it still started fairly close to the scheduled time.  (This is done in radiology so that they can see exactly where to place the catheter.)  After the drug was administered, Jeff was required to lay flat for one hour.  So we left Cleveland about 4:15.  Traffic was a bit congested, but not yet to typical rush hour proportions.   Overall we had a smooth drive home.

Last night was also parent orientation night for our local schools. Since I was the only parent representative from our family available, I decided to attend Megan’s.  (I understand that they don’t want to draw this out over a whole week, but I hope they are understanding that I cannot possibly be in three schools at the same time on one night.)  I could have probably made it to the last 15 minutes of Ethan’s, but the sky opened up as a huge thunderstorm rolled in, and I just wanted to get home.

As I was pulling into our neighborhood, the storm was moving out and the clouds cleared behind me to reveal the sun.  I thought to myself, “This is perfect conditions for a rainbow.”  I turned the corner onto our street and this was the scene that greeted me.


I thought it was a lovely way for God to welcome me home.  The sign of promise-- what a wonderful reminder to thank God for the blessings of the day!


TCKK said...

What a beautiful rainbow God gave you!

JOE TODD said...

May God's Grace shine on your family

Eric SomeSkyMoments said...

Rainbow pictures are so great, this one too!!!

Have a nice SWF

Greetings from NL

SandyCarlson said...

That is heavenly.

Regina said...

Beautiful capture!

deejbrown said...

You are amazing. After all you have gone through, you still believe in rainbows...and get them.
Note to self: Take this lesson of faith.


Hi from me Deen, Golden Sand in Malaysia. Wow..amazing rainbow. It as great. Anyway..nice to meet you here and visit my blog too. Eh..I am not good in English. See ya!