Sunday, August 23, 2009

Be Still

morning fog

There’s just something about waking up early to discover everything shrouded in light fog that makes you want to be quiet.

To be still. 

Maybe that’s one of the reasons God allows suffering.    Maybe in the midst of a situation where we can’t  see very far down the path, we more easily rely on His guidance.  Maybe He doesn’t heal right away or find us a new job right away because once we’ve stopped squirming and crying in resistance and come to a form of acceptance that this is our path, He has an opportunity to reveal more of himself to us. We come to learn that He is able to truly sustain us through the most difficult of times.

“Be still and know that I am God.” the Psalmist wrote.  God wants us to get to know Him, but we get so busy with the everyday.  In the book of Job we find  a man in the midst of terrible suffering, anguished  in his pain,  wearied of trying to defend his virtue to his visitors. God speaks to him and says “Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.”  He wanted to get Job’s focus off his own suffering and back on the power and goodness of God. 

It’s good be still.  To be amazed in the glory of the rising of the sun, to marvel at His imagination in the design of His creation, to reflect on the wondrous ways God has answered prayer in the past, to just be, recognizing that each breath is a gift—this is what it is to be still.

Scenic Sunday


Marie Höglund said...

Awesome, lovely, gorgeous!!!! What more can I say. Love it!!!!! I really can feel the foam, fog and calmness.

Carolyn Ford said...

That is beautiful...I can feel the cool damp air and would love to walk across that bridge. Wow!

Carolyn Ford said...

I will keep you and yours in my prayers...I wish you the best.

texasnascarcowgirl said...

very tranquil shot. I love it.


What a lovely photo! So calming to look at, and I know what you mean by "to be still".

Thank you for your kind words at my blog last Sunday.

Plattner Ranch said...

Beautiful photo Adrienne! I appreciate your thoughts.

deejbrown said...

I feel myself sitting there & letting the fog palpate my skin. Wondering about the wonder of God who is clearly speaking through the suffering of you and your husband.

Vicky said...

Dear Adrienne,
I read all your posts here in this blog.I am very encouraged by the fact that you are constantly drawing strength from God ,trusting him,and hanging on to His promises.
I may not know/understand all that you and your love ones have gone through suffering but I know that our Lord Jesus has gone through it and he knows it all.Just like the foggy photo you have shown us, the scene is so blur but we know for sure that once the fog is lifted a beautiful and clear picture will be unveiled before us.
Yes, be still and know that our God is in control.

Kerri said...

A wonderful post. The image is fabulous and conveys the words you've written.

eileeninmd said...

I love your picture, I can imagine myself being there too. What a lvoely place.