Saturday, February 13, 2010


We are well-past the timeframe that Jeff’s doctor had given him.  And though his sight is almost completely gone, he is still living.  I don’t mean merely surviving, I mean truly living

It would be easy to fall into despair having heard the news that he had only weeks to live.  But Jeff has taken charge of his situation: insisting we take that vacation, recording audio and video messages for our kids, spending time with friends and family, having dinner at our favorite place downtown.

That’s not to say there are not moments when we wish this wasn’t happening.  Or days when Jeff just feels too tired to get up off the couch.  We have those, too.  And we are spending increasingly more time driving to and from the doctor and the pharmacy. 

This past week, he has been battling a blood clot and bronchitis.  The kids have been sick as well.  We are feeling rather cooped up. But everyone seems to be on the upswing now, and we are really looking forward to attending our daughter’s musical, Guys and Dolls this afternoon. 

Jeff won’t be able to see her, but Megan will see him in the audience.  We may even go to the movies this weekend.  Even though he can’t see the screen, he can hear the story and he loves popcorn!

I just want to encourage you that none of us know when our time will come.  Even when the doctors think they know, they are often wrong.   Either way, long or short; in light of eternity, our lives here on Earth are so brief.   Make the most of yours.  Invest your time in things that really matter.  Be sure of your eternal standing.  If you do these things, then should you receive news that your time will be sooner than you expected, it will be easier to bear knowing you have truly lived.

    And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.   --Abraham Lincoln


P.s.  I apologize for allowing so much time to pass without an update.  Something’s gotta give, as I am sure you understand.  (I feel guilty blogging when the house is a dust-covered disaster.)   I am thankful for your inquiries and prayers.  Encouragement is a beautiful gift that makes this road easier to travel!