Saturday, December 12, 2009

She Hath Done What She Could

Some weeks ago now, as I was making the bed, I caught a bit of an interview on the radio.  The host of the show was speaking with someone about a devotional book based on the story from Mark 14 where Mary breaks an expensive box of perfume to anoint Jesus’ feet.

Either the phone rang or one of the kids called me away, but I was not able to hear more than just the introduction.  But that little snippet got me thinking about that story and how it relates to having a servant’s heart.

And that’s when I started thinking of all of you.

So many of you that have prayed for us live great distances away. Some live right here and have wondered what you can do to help our family.  But every one of you have demonstrated that heart to serve like Mary had. 

For those of you that live far away, chances are that there is someone in your own neighborhood or church that could benefit from your help.  And so, I’m going to make a list of all the “little things” that friends have recently helped us with: 

•   Taking my turn in the nursery so that I could sit with my
        husband during the church service
•    Winterizing our lawn
•    Raking, mowing, and trimming shrubs
•    Rigging up our outdoor Christmas lights
•    Making meals
•    Planning special evenings with our children
•    Babysitting
•    Encouraging with calls, notes, e-mails, cards and such
•    Maintaining our aquarium
•    Hugs
•    Helping Jeff do some Christmas shopping
•    Picking him up to have lunch together
•    Listening – It is a tremendous blessing to have friends who
        don’t feel pressured to give answers, who simply listen.
•    Praying – this is no small thing!
•    Driving me and the cat to the vet and staying with us while she
        died.  Then bringing us home and burying her for me.
•    Meeting me for coffee or lunch to just so I could feel normal for
        a little while

And here are just a few more “little” things that people have done in the past, either for us or for others:

•    Helping with bedtime routine--When Jeff was hospitalized in
        2006, a dear friend would come over on Friday nights to
        help with bedtime.  I bathed kids, she helped with PJ's
       and read to them. After I tucked them in, we'd sit and talk.
•    Organizing the pantry or cupboards
•    Vacuuming under the couch and cushions
•    Cleaning out the garage
•    Winterizing the outside faucets
•    Shoveling the driveway
•    Sending music or links to encouraging music

And I’m sure there are a thousand other seemingly little things I could add to this list. 

The bottom line is this:  none of you can take Jeff’s leukemia away just like Mary couldn’t prevent the suffering Jesus would endure on the cross.  But Jesus praised her in His answer to those questioning her extravagance. He said, “She hath done what she could.”

I love your servants’ hearts.  You have blessed us by making our journey easier. You have done what you could.


heidiannie said...

What a gracious post, Adrienne. Your words shine with a Christlike glow and your walk with Him is so evident in the attention you have paid to the giving hearts of those who love you.

I've never seen gratitude and encouragement so well linked before. Thank you.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Adrienne,
I love what Heidiannie said. God provides us with ways to serve and do what we can. I'm glad you have been blessed with those near you to provide comfort and aid as well as their prayers.