Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two to Go…

Just two radiation treatments left now.  That drive to and from Cleveland takes a lot out of me.  But then I remember that at least Jeff isn’t hospitalized.  He is able to come home after every treatment.

The side effects from the treatments were really severe.  This past weekend, he wanted to attend church but got very sick as we were getting ready to leave.  He was able to hold it together for about forty-five minutes on Sunday afternoon while our good friend Angie took some family portraits. 




Jeff was worried about his appearance knowing that the radiation can cause the skin to burn and blister, but I reassured him that his skin was clear.  (I noticed today, though, that he looks like he is sunburned all over his head now.) 

Having the session at our home meant that Jeff wouldn’t have to travel in the car or try to walk in an unfamiliar setting.  (Going down the deck steps made me nervous enough!)  Not long after Angie left, Jeff was terribly sick again, but I am so thankful he was able to participate.  We had a good time being silly, tossing leaves and just being outside for a little while.

At Monday’s treatment, the doctor gave Jeff the OK to start steroids again.  The effect really is dramatic as far as relieving the nausea and headaches.  What a blessing that is!  But he will also have to take the other meds now to deal with the side effects of the steroids.   I think the relief that the medication brings is worth it.

We meet with the medical oncologist on Friday to hear what comes next.



Angie Arthur has finally started her photography business, and I am so excited for her.  I think she is amazingly talented!  Clicking on her logo below will take you to her Facebook Fan Page.



Stephanie said...

I just love Angie's work and what a blessing she was able to capture some pictures for your family. I'm glad Jeff was able to participate for a while on that day(tell him I think his pics look great :)

I'm glad to hear his radiation is almost over...I know you're both ready for that.

Continuing to pray for your family!

Sue said...

I'm glad you got to have fun while getting your photos taken. I just said a prayer for you all. Great work, Angie!

Snap said...

How wonderful you were able to have these family photos taken and that it was fun! Sending thoughts your way.

Splendid Little Stars said...

great family photos! I'll keep Jeff and your family in my heart and prayers.

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

I honestly don't know how he held it together like he did Adrienne - he was such a trooper for those photos. I'm so glad that he was able to. It really was a special thing to be a part of.

I'll continue praying for all of you.

Love of love,


deejbrown said...

You have a beautiful family; it glows right through Angie's photos. You and Jeff are grace in human form; witness to both the tenacity of life and love of God.

heidiannie said...

Your blog and testimony are such a blessing.
Even the comments are full of love and grace.
I feel God's presence in the pictures,and your faithfulness is touching so many others that it is a witness to the praise of God's glory.
Thank you for sharing so honestly.
My prayers are always with your family.

TCKK said...

These are great photos of your family. I pray God will continue to be with your family.