Saturday, October 17, 2009

MRI and Treatment #4

This is something I’ve been dreading.  While I desperately want to know if the radiation and chemotherapy have helped, I am frightened at the possibility that the news might be that the lesion has grown.  Will an MRI be able to show the difference between the inflammation that the chemo obviously causes and an actual change in the size of the lesion?  I don’t know.

I’m afraid to know.

And yet, I do need to know.   The doctors need to know, of course.  Is the treatment working?  Do we need to be more aggressive?  Is he ever going to see clearly again?  Questions, questions, questions…

The uncertainty is enough to make me crazy.  And when I start feeling that way, I remember that God sees clearly and knows everything that lies ahead.  I can trust His goodness even when I don’t understand His plans.

Praying for good news from Monday’s MRI and for a smooth procedure on Tuesday for treatment #4.


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Plattner Ranch said...

Adrienne, Meditate on Philipians 4 as you go to sleep tonight. Focus on the things that it says to think on and may you go to sleep with the peace that passeth all understanding! I will be continuously in prayer for your peace and Jeff's health.

heidiannie said...

Cling to the promises, trust in the Lord for the future, cry when you need to release the tension, and just take one step, one day at a time. And vent your frustration and fear with those that you trust!
Praying for a good report and a positive future- and for grace and mercy and healing,