Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waiting for Normal

I don’t even know what normal really is anymore.  But I find myself wishing for it. *insert chuckle*  Don’t we all?

I am tired of waiting.  But in the meantime, I am learning.  With each task (which used to be Jeff’s) that I’ve taken on, I find a huge sense of empowerment in its successful completion. 

Last week one of our smoke detectors began chirping intermittently.  It took two days to figure out which one was making the sound.  It would chirp about three times then quit for a few hours.  After narrowing it down to the second floor, I finally happened to be standing in my bedroom doorway when it chirped again. 

“It figures,” I thought.  The smoke detector in the master bedroom is located about halfway up the vaulted ceiling.  I decided that if I was going to replace one battery, I was going to replace them all.  No sense in lugging the ladder up and down the stairs more often that necessary!

One quick trip to Wal-mart, and about 30 minutes later, no more chirping.  I was pretty pleased with myself.  (Incidentally, we have a LOT of smoke detectors!)

Last night, I assembled a wooden glider all by myself.  Do you know how difficult that really can be?  The hardware parts that were included did not match the pictures or counts in the instructions.  I phoned the customer service hotline and put the goofy thing together while I listened to the recording on speakerphone : “All of our agents are currently assisting other customers.”  Once I figured out where the different bolts were intended to go, I just hung up.  Ha!  Turns out, I didn’t need any help. :)

All that to say this:  I am learning that I can do this.  I don’t want to do this, but I can.  God’s grace is sufficient.  Even if normal never comes.


Beth said...

How beautiful put, Adrienne. You are an amazing woman and such an inspiration to many. I pray that God continues to reveal to you how strong you are. All things are possible through Jesus Christ. I continue to pray for peace and comfort for you, Jeff, and the children. I feel privileged to have found you.

Anonymous said...

Adrienne - So many people can learn from your strength and patience. God puts people together for a reason and you and Jeff were one of his best matches. I have been so blessed to really become a friend of yours through facebook. I read your blog all the time and see that strength and feel proud to be your friend.

Lisa Babb said...

Adrienne, Thanks for sharing! I know that I count on Larry for so much, so I can imagine what you are feeling! You are a strong woman and many are praying for you! You are an encouragement to so many! Again, thanks for sharing your heart and congrats on the chair...that would be beyond me, I think! :-)

Cathy said...

What a great post Adrienne! I'm so glad you are learning how strong you are in the Lord. I'll keep praying for you and your family.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Bless your heart, Adrienne.... You can do it--and you WILL do it... When I got my divorce (after being married for 20 yrs), I had to learn to do things which I had never done before. It wasn't always easy--but I loved the fact that I "could" do it...

God Bless You.

heidiannie said...

Of course you can do anything that needs to be done, or find someone willing to do it for you.
But normal? Normal is a dream- a misnomer. Normal is what you have become accustomed to in the past- not a good indicator of the present and future.
Look for the Supranormal- those times when God enters into the daily fabric of your life and transforms a conversation or a touch into an eternal affair.
You are being molded as you go through this time of trial- honestly- you will never be the same.

deejbrown said...

Those chirping detectors can drive you nuts. Glad you not only can climb walls to fix them but can now assemble gliders as well. You are not only a faithful witness to your faith but a resourceful woman as well!

Sarah said...

I would ask if you had considered asking for help, but even though I have a hubby could do it, I would still find a way to do it myself. There's just something about that feeling of being independent, and the sense of accomplishments that it brings. Our God is there and will be there when you don't feel so independent. He will carry you when you need carried. He will be your rock and your comforter. HE LOVES YOU!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

@ Heidi - Love the idea of supranormal. :)
@ Sarah - I found the offending smoke detector just before 8 pm. Not sure I could have found someone to come over that late in the evening and of course, didn't want to risk that it might chirp all night if someone couldn't come til the next day. I guess I'm a little stubborn, and I figure there are some things I'm just going to need to learn to do for myself. As for the glider, I could have called my dad, but I wanted to get it done that night--was too excited to wait for someone to help!
@ Everyone - thanks for the encouragment!

Valerie said...

After the plane crash last year, the term "new normal' kept coming up in our town. Everyone kept saying, "Life in our town will never be the same again".

From that time - and thru other major upheavals we have undergone - I have learned (and was reminded of what my mom always told me) nothing is ever the same, every day is new and different in some way, only God is the constant, He is always dependable, and never failing.

Some changes we cling to and can't wait for - like springtime and new life on the trees and in the gardens.

I know exactly what you mean though - we tend to live our lives, like nothing awful will ever happen to us- we go day to day - with the same routines for the most part - never conscious of all the changes around us. or maybe we ignore the undesirable changes going on around us and hope they don't happen to us.

You are experiencing first hand some of the hardest changes any of us have to face. And we are all praying for you - and God is answering our prayers. He is holding you up and teaching you new things.

Praying God continues to bless your lovely family in every way.

Snap said...


Wishing you well....

Anonymous said...

Great job, Adrienne! We can do all things with God's help. He will always be there for you.
Yes, I know what a chore assembling something can be -- especially when it does not come with the correct parts :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I am proud of you for all of the new things you're learning to do. Going out to buy a ladder, and replacing all those batteries is quite an accomplishment. Getting that glider put together in spite of all those problems is awesome!