Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chemotherapy Today

I’m getting everyone ready for the day.  One kid’s off to school already and two more to go.  Then it’s off to the hospital for Jeff’s spinal chemotherapy infusion.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to this—the side effects last time seemed so severe.  He developed a spinal headache and his vision deteriorated so rapidly and so much that he was not able to read much less return to work.  The sudden loss of independence was quite a strain on the whole family as you can imagine.

So today I’m praying for minimal side effects, while I wait.  Jeff’s take on this is a bit different.  He feels that if there are side effects, the metho-trexate is doing its job.  I understand that, but given the amount of vision he’s already lost, I’m worried this treatment could make him completely blind.  Also, if he experiences another spinal headache, then a permanent port inserted into his right ventricle becomes more likely. 

I’m trying not to worry, trying to put today along with this whole situation in God’s hands and rest in the truth that He always does what is best for us and for His glory. 

I’ll post more later today.  Thanks for checking on us and for praying!


Plattner Ranch said...

I'm praying!

Kerri said...

Thinking & Praying for you today, my friend! Hang in there!!

deejbrown said...

Praying and praying, not only for Jeff and your family but (selfishly) that I can learn up to your kind of faith it God.